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This page features our key products. If you would like to see the products most relevant to a particular market sector, please visit one of our microsites (e.g. Museums) using the top menu above and then go to the Products page.
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MuseumIndex+ is part of a new generation of systems for managing the collections of museums and galleries. It builds on over 30 years of experience meeting the needs of a series of prestigious clients, and is now directly modelled on the SPECTRUM standard with enhanced support for management workflow and for meeting Accreditation criteria.
ImageIndex+ is professional, high-capacity, image management. It provides multiple-access, powerful cataloguing and terminology management, structured search, tools to support efficient work processes and flexible access/delivery.
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Powerful, efficient and robust - AssetIndex+ manages a wide range of digital assets including images, video, audio, text, drawings and presentations. With many practical and innovative features, it benefits from System Simulation's extensive experience in the management of complex data.
ContentIndex+ is a versatile content management system. It supports the creation, editing, interlinking and version control of text, images and multimedia for publishing to websites, kiosks, mobile devices, DVD and print.
ArchiveIndex+ is an easy-to-use management system for archives, based on the ISAD(G) standard, that supports and assists the flexible organisation of papers, letters and other archive material. It includes a powerful search engine and graphical display of multi-level hierarchies with drag-and-drop organising facilities.
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BooksIndex+ is a system for the management of book collections and libraries with provision for professional library cataloguing, based on the MARC standard. The system is, however, sensitive to the needs of staff who are not trained librarians and provides a series of helpful features to support the cataloguing process.