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Cultural Economy Consultancy
The imaginative ways in which new technology for the management of images and other digital assets is being deployed are transforming the creative economy, enriching design and publication processes, making new forms of marketing and promotion possible and bringing closer together the worlds of art and commerce.

System Simulation not only provides the technology to support these creative developments, but is also able to offer valuable advice on their potential contribution to business and economic development.

Data Handling
Over many years System Simulation has dealt with an impressive variety of data, at times handling huge repositories, at others processing relatively small amounts in specialised formats. Some of this experience has found expression in our product range, but it also puts us in a position to help clients plan and execute projects to restore, convert and migrate data from legacy systems and to arrange for safe back-up and storage.
Design Services
System Simulation offers highly flexible design and creative production services across the range of its technical applications. These services include web and interactive user interface design, digital content production and usability and accessibility services (both appraisal and implementation). Our design work is characterised by its disciplined approach and its arresting results.
Terminology Analysis
Appropriate keywording and other forms of terminology management are critical for efficient image and digital asset systems, both for efficient searching and for the effective control of rights. System Simulation has extensive experience of advising on many of the relevant issues, from building keyword structures and improving search facilities to developing multi-lingual thesauri.
Web Hosting
System Simulation offers an intelligent hosting solution in a package of hosting services.
Web Usability and Accessibility
As part of its design provision, System Simulation offers a special set of services to assist clients to achieve high standards of Usability and Accessibility in their web sites and in other interactive environments.

Services include automated testing of compliance with accessibility standards, the management of user feedback, including focus groups and observed interaction exercises, and advice and consultancy on meeting the needs of particular user constituencies.