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Topics in International Health - Wellcome Trust

A new Image Library and Publishing System for the Wellcome Trust

Topics in International Health

Topics in International Health (TIH) is an exciting and unique series of educational materials for medical and life sciences students, their teachers and other healthcare professionals published by the Wellcome Trust. Aspects of international and tropical health are presented on a range of CD-ROMs, each focusing on a disease (or group of diseases) of global significance.

Each CD-ROM contains three teaching resources:
  • Interactive tutorials - highly visual, structured learning tools
  • Image collection - a searchable database of high-quality images
  • Glossary - an electronic glossary of medical and scientific terms

TIH Image Library and Publishing System

We supplied a robust and reliable image library and publishing system based on ImageIndex+ for the next generation of the Wellcome Trust 'Topics in International Health' publishing programme. We delivered an integrated system but with clearly separated functions for carrying out the different user tasks of: Cataloguing, Image Acquisition, Copyright clearance, Project content development and Project publishing.
  • explicit support for organising images and developing content for publishing projects.
  • integrated support for thesauri and other controlled terminology at all stages.
  • simplified publishing process for creating CD-ROMS.
  • easy to add capability to publish to other media.
  • conceptual separation of the main data set and published data sets within a single database.
  • simplified reproduction rights checking process.
  • ability to integrate with the Wellcome Trust Medical Picture Library (also supplied by us).
  • new Collection Viewer for the published collection of images that can integrate with "Topics in International Health" and future developments.