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SCRAN - Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network
SCRAN (Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network) is the award winning history and culture website providing instant access to images, sounds, movies and learning resources relevant to Scottish history and culture from hundreds of museums, archives and galleries all over the world. It contains over one million records from museums, galleries and archives. In addition, there are learning materials such as pathfinders, resource packs, a curriculum navigator, topic banks and teaching packs. SCRAN is a linked site in the National Grid for Learning.

Commissioned in May 1997 we worked closely with the SCRAN project team to design and build the foundation infrastructure of the project - a repository management system capable of sustaining the growth of the project throughout its life. Until 2005, the site was managed with an Index+ Content Management System which provided capabilities for creating, storing, retrieving and managing rich text descriptions of artefacts, buildings, events, and associated digital images, video and audio and feeding these to the website. The meta search facility used the Index+ Bridge technology to search and retrieve data from remote databases.

One of the most successful Millennium projects, SCRAN reached its target of one million records online two months early in 2002. Bruce Royan, the founding Chief Executive Officer, said "SSL's software systems have given us a stable and reliable platform on which to build a world beating resource. They really engaged with what we were trying to archive from an educational and cultural perspective and have always gone the extra mile to provide us with a first class solution."

Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network
The Index+ powered SCRAN website won the following plaudits and awards:

The Guardian 2001, World's top 6 Museum Sites - "An ongoing feast of history and culture"

American Association of Museums Silver Muse Award 2001- excellence in the use of media and technology

Jason Farradane Award 2001 of the Institute of Informatiom Scientists - an outstanding piece of work

BECTA/The Guardian UK Education Website Awards - shortlisted 2002
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