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The Courtauld Institute - Art and Architecture website
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We worked closely with the Courtauld Institute, London, to develop the website infrastructure and delivery platform for its Art and Architecture website. The Courtauld Institute is a major centre for the study of the history of Western art.

The Art and Architecture web site is designed to be explored. There are more than 40,000 images, specially written interpretative materials and catalogue information covering the renowned collections of Western art, books and photographic libraries and a network of over half a million links.

The aim was to create a resource that is engaging and entertaining, assuming little or no prior knowledge and to present the Courtauld as a teaching institution and "centre of interest" reflecting its academic standards.

At the same time the Courtauld wanted a digital resource sophisticated enough in terms of content and functionality to support its own research and teaching activities. The website infrastructure, including the content management system and the website, designed and developed by us provides for all of these aims.

The website enables both simple and complex searches through the Art and Architecture collections of the Courtauld Institute. Images are brought to life with stories and themes written by experts and public figures - bridging the gap between academic work and public interest.

All low and medium resolution images can be downloaded for educational or personal use. High resolution versions of the images can be explored with a zoom browser. A number of facilities for researchers, teachers and students provide further functionality.

Registered users can create 'Sets' of images for their personal use, email other internet users with links to images, 'Image Sets' and 'Stories', keep track of site pages they have visited, save searches, contribute to discussion forums on all aspects of visual culture and buy photographic prints of most of the images on the site.
Technical information
Important technical aspects of this project include:

Integration with their existing Digital Asset Management System
Integration with PhotoBox for print ordering/ecommerce
Integration with third-party forum software (phpBB), including single sign-on
High resolution image zooming, initially with SPECTRUM ViewPortal, now with Zoomify.
The Courtauld Institute
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