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Data Handling
Key features
  • Advice on data restoration and conversion.
  • Data migration.
  • Data cleaning.
  • Transposition of data into new formats.
  • Arrangement of data back-up and storage.


Over many years System Simulation has dealt with an impressive variety of data, at times handling huge repositories, at others processing relatively small amounts in specialised formats. Some of this experience has found expression in our product range, but it also puts us in a position to help clients plan and execute projects to restore, convert and migrate data from legacy systems and to arrange for safe back-up and storage.

Full Description

System Simulation is in an excellent position to assist with data handling issues. The company's staff have seen a great deal of evolving database technology and has had the experience of planning the data handling properties of its own systems - from the core Index+ technology through to the recent digital asset management system, AssetIndex+. Various forms of assistance have been provided to clients with rich data content held in a variety of formats and corresponding tools have been developed to help with these tasks. We have frequently assisted with the migration of data from legacy systems, data cleaning, transposing data into new formats and dealing with large-scale restoration, back-up and storage problems.

System Simulation's knowledge and insight into data handling issues has been accumulated over years of practical experience and has been supplemented recently by participation in the EU's PrestoSpace project that is addressing the large scale restoration, preservation and storage problems of archives of broadcast material.

The pricing of data handling services is provided in response to an initial briefing.
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