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Kiosks, Mobile Devices and Digital Galleries
Key features
  • Compelling design with high standards of usability and accessibility

  • Range of interactive features

  • Facilities for video, sound and special features

  • Stand-alone or networked

  • Driven by ContentIndex+, Content Management System

  • Sourcing of material from remote repositories

  • Co-ordination with web sites

  • Easy switch between programmes

System Simulation's extensive experience of web technology extends to a series of very successful kiosk and flat-screen installations and to presentations on PDAs or other mobile devices. These can be either independent or in conjunction with web sites.

Programmed sequencing of images, video and other material drawn from well-structured repositories, such as our AssetIndex+, provides an alternative way of making dramatic presentations. This process is used to create 'Digital Galleries'.

The company's experience extends across the design of interactive kiosks and presentations and the technology that delivers the content to the practical implementation of such systems.

Full Description

System Simulation's practical experience of kiosk and flat-screen systems means that we can provide for all aspects of the development from Design Services, and interaction with architects and exhibition designers, through the development of the core delivery systems to the practical issues that arise in installation. We are also able to advise on the best use of interactive features and on the range of equipment available.

The core systems are usually driven by our content management system, ContentIndex+, which frequently also manages parallel web presentations.

ContentIndex+ allows easy and rapid changes of material within established templates. It promotes efficiency in the management of diverse types of content, along with consistency and coherence in presentation. Content can be stored locally or accessed from remote sources - interaction with remote repositories is one of our strong points. The publishing process is highly controllable, adaptable to institutional circumstances and can be switched rapidly from one set of content to another.

The result is impressive kiosk presentations that are attractive and robust and adaptable to very different presentational scenarios. A museum, for instance, can swap presentations from the normal opening hours display relating to objects in the collection to presentations to support corporate hire or education events.

Parallel systems are able to 'publish' content to mobile devices, such as PDAs and mobile phones. Adaptations of content for these environments can benefit from System Simulation's experience in promoting usability and accessibility.

Digital Galleries present multiple sequences of still and moving images within a defined gallery space. The images are projected against screens or suitable wall surfaces, according to a pre-determined programme, and are co-ordinated with flexible sound systems.

System Simulation has the technology and design skills to deliver Digital Galleries with great efficiency and flexibility. Creative use and re-use of existing content is facilitated by an ability to change content and whole programmes easily and directly. The creative potential of such systems is enormous.

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The package includes all licences, a 90 day warranty, documentation and training.

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