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Design Services
Key features
  • Clear, striking and efficient design.
  • Specialisation in interactive media.
  • Elaboration of content architectures.
  • Production of sophisticated content.
  • Disciplined approach from conception to realisation.
  • Long experience in a series of prestigious projects.
  • Extensive support from sophisticated technology.
  • Commitment to high standards of usability and accessibility.
  • Usability and accessibility testing.
System Simulation's in-house designers benefit from a deep knowledge of the capabilities of our technology - this enables our designers to address user issues with confidence and imagination. To this task they bring a wealth of experience in interactive design and a flair for clear, 'clean' presentation.

Our aim is to excel in the presentation of rich content and complex material - on the web, in interactive environments with kiosks and flat-screen systems and in new environments, such as mobile devices and digital galleries.

We aim to achieve this by encouraging imaginative thinking, in relation to both visual and to functional aspects, all within a disciplined framework that ensures steady progress and timely implementation.

Our design team is able to draw both on its own longstanding experience in interactive design and content development and on System Simulation's unparalleled experience and technology in managing and accessing complex content material.

With a strong academic background in interactive design and plenty of practical experience in implementation, our design team can work either with clients directly from initial conception through to final realisation or with clients' own or third party designers to ensure an optimum interface with the technical implementation.

Our design methodology has been refined over the years so that clients are helped to progress in a disciplined way through an iterative procedure that elaborates initial ideas, presents options, facilitates decisions and leads to clear and visually attractive conclusions. Scenario elaboration and storyboarding are used to move the design process forward and clients are frequently prompted on the need to maintain clarity of purpose, achieve facility of navigation and apply consistently the principles of usability and accessibility.

Content of many forms can be derived from local and remote repositories or produced especially for particular projects. Short video films, interviews and other material can be produced in-house, but the design team can also work with a network of associates to meet specialised needs.

Clients are encouraged to take a long-term view of their content and its potential re-use in other circumstances. To this end, our design team can help clients elaborate content architectures of various degrees of sophistication - from the usefully coherent to the highly structured. This, of course can be carried over into the appropriate technical architectures, utilising the company's knowledge of the use of taxonomies and ontologies.

The results are apparent in our acclaimed presentations. Tho