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Happy Birthday System Sim!
System Simulation is 40 years old today.

It is a measure of our flair, flexibility, interest, commitment, excitement and creativity that we are one of the very few small software houses that have been around since 1970.

You can find out all about what we do now here.

Our History

SSL was set up in 1970 to continue the founders’ research programme on simulations of human decision making funded by the research branch of the Home Office. However the company’s subsequent work in the 70s was chiefly concerned with the emerging technologies of computer graphics. SSL pioneered the use of interactive graphics in educational games and also for animation in the film and TV sectors. Successes were animations for “Alien” and the original Channel 4 logo.

In the 80s our work moved from graphics to the development of a new database technology to support unstructured data for emerging multimedia applications. This led to a specialism in museum systems, image libraries and publishing and has sustained our development throughout the 90s into networking and the web. Today our work draws on the long experience of the company to create access technologies for the large scale, rich, distributed repositories which will underpin future intra- and inter-cultural education.

Our primary objectives are to provide our customers with advanced, sustainable applications and our staff with challenging, fulfilling software engineering missions.