System Simulation / GalleryIndex+
Underpinned by ContentIndex+, GalleryIndex+ is a system to deploy that managed data via multiple kiosk interfaces.

Each kiosk governed can be given a particular style and a particular subset of the data. This allows the kiosks to be strategically placed around the clients location and configured to highlight nearby physical items in the space.

Employing the configuration tools provided is simple and kiosks can quickly be adapted to fit in with new exhibition themes. The number of kiosks is flexible. Kiosks can be added and configured where necessary or cloned to provide more access in a busy environment. Kiosks can be configured and tested ahead of time and entire exhibitions can be switched in moments.

ContentIndex+ provides first class management of the primary resource. The integration of the two systems allows that resource to be assigned to the kiosk interfaces with minimal editorial effort.