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British Sky Broadcasting and Archive II
The Archive II system was written by System Simulation in the early 1990s and sold to a company called Basys who then repackaged and sold the product to newsrooms the world over.

Archive II is a news story archiving system, built to evolve with varying foci of newsrooms. It was designed to run on UNIX, and offer a simple user interface

With the lack of support from the original supplier the Newsroom system at BSYB was stuck on aging and slow hardware. With the content exceeding a million news story records the system was displaying an increasing lack of usability. The hardware was running an out of date UNIX based operating system that could no longer realistically be ported to modern hardware.

Fortunately BSKYB approached System Simulation finding references in the documentation to the original authors of the software. System Simulation, having intact records of the software, were able to audit the system and port it to the new operating system.

During further work System Simulation were also able to supply additional data loading expertise to deal with the growing backlog of work from the previously hampered system, and to provide an MS Windows based interface to replace the aging terminal based view of the data.

The software is still in use today, and the project revived here. Soon after completion System Simulation were able to provide similar services to the ITV newsrooms.

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