System Simulation / Gordon Russell Museum
Gordon Russell Museum
shows a webpage that has photos of furniture on it
The Gordon Russell Museum opened on 4th January 2008, in his original workshop in Worcester, to showcase the works of this renowned 20th century furniture designer. System Simulation provided the ICT infrastructure for this project based on our MuseumIndex+ product.

Kiosk, web and network delivery

The system was set up to enable data to be made available to a kiosk system and to the web. It is also capable of making the data available to other sites and portals using current networking standards. MuseumIndex+ has detailed administrative controls, allowing the Trust to control which fields are made available, and to which system.

Kiosk system

The kiosk system allows for presentation of material from the MuseumIndex+ CMS combined with material that is specially prepared for the kiosk. An interface was designed and built to provide easy-to-use, friendly access to this body of work. Touch screens are utilised to allow access for visitors. Further material, with more advanced search facilities, is available on terminals in the museum, so that those with a deeper interest can find more specific and detailed information.

Web access

The information held in the MuseumIndex+ CMS is also accessible via the Web. The website re-purposes material created for the kiosk system. This data driven website enables the Trust to update the information available and to expand its
content when necessary.