System Simulation / eLIB projects - electronic libraries for higher education
eLIB projects - electronic libraries for higher education
SSL has provided Index+ server technology, Web Gateways and Z39.50 Gateways for electronic library projects under the university sector JISC funded programme eLIB. These projects provide WEB access to extensive libraries of images, information sources and relevant tools for use in teaching and research in higher education.

DIAD project - digitisation of Design Magazine

Design Online is an electronic library containing a digitised record of Design magazine for the years 1965 to 1969. There are around 100 pages in each magazine, which are available as full screen size black-and-white or colour images. Design is searchable through its own web interface: Design Online, and is also available through the standard AHDS Visual Arts catalogue.

The aim of the Digitisation In Art and Design (DIAD) project was to provide a digitised record of seminal journals in design and applied arts subjects within the Higher Education sector. DIAD was an ELib (Electronic Libraries) digitisation project supported by JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee). The DIAD project brought together a range of technical and subject expertise in multimedia and the design and applied arts sector. The London College of Printing (now known as the London College of Communication) at the London Institute (now the University of the Arts London) was the lead institution; Bretton Hall, a college of the University of Leeds offered a user-testing group from its undergraduate and post-graduate students; Falmouth College of Art provided expertise in developments in multimedia and Internet use; and System Simulation created the DIAD database using Index+ software.

ADAM - access to networked resources

ADAM, the Art, Design, Architecture and Media Information Gateway, is a service developed to help students and professionals to locate useful, quality-assured information on the Internet in the following subject areas:
Fine Art, including painting, prints and drawings, sculpture and other contemporary media including those using technology
Design, including industrial, product, fashion, graphic, packaging and interior design
Architecture, including town planning and landscape design, but excluding building construction
Applied Arts, including textiles, ceramics, glass, metals, jewellery and furniture
Media, including film, television, broadcasting, photography and animation
Theory; relevant historical, philosophical and contextual studies
Museum studies and conservation
Professional Practice related to any of the above

ADAM helps the user find the relevant information by providing a searchable on-line catalogue describing Internet resources such as web sites or electronic mailing lists, in much the same way as a library catalogue describes bibliographic resources such as books and journals. In this way, a 'virtual library' of digital art, design, architecture and media resources has been created to benefit the UK Higher Education community.

ADAM has been incorporated into the AHDS VADS project.

HELIX - image resources for HE

Image collections and resources are of immense importance for research, teaching and learning across a wide spectrum of subject areas. Images may be the primary research material or may inform and enrich research which is principally text based or experimental in nature. Research carried out over the last three or four years has addressed many of the problems associated with digitisation, indexing and retrieval, distribution, staffing and management issues and problems concerned with copyright and access controls. De Montfort University was commissioned by the JISC to investigate the needs of the UK Higher Education community in relation to the digital storage and network delivery of image based information. The project developed a substantive body of image resources from 1859 to the present day based on distributed image banks, within a technical framework using recognised standards and open to further collections from national and international image banks. The final report is titled Proposal for an Image Data Resource Service and can be obtained from JISC.

MIDRIB - medical images for HE

MIDRIB created, maintained and delivered a comprehensive collection of medical images in digital form. These were for use in teaching and research, in medical and healthcare faculties of Universities and teaching hospitals. The project drew together the best of existing collections into a coherent resource within a single point of reference. A number of collections, covering a large proportion of medical and allied disciplines were identified.

MIDRIM delivered:
A fully-indexed, searchable on-line database collection of many thousands of images
A series of on-line tools that to enable users to assemble subsets of images which will form case studies for teaching, research and discussion purposes
A number of ancillary products to be used with the images, including on-line slide atlases, overlays and annotations, virtual tours, presentation and authoring templates
Workshops and seminars to train members of the medical community to turn their own material into digital form, and to communicate non-subject specific experience and expertise gained during the project to those engaged in similar work in other disciplines.