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British Pharmacopoeia (CDROM and web) - The Stationery Office
The British Pharmacopoeia is the authoritative collection of standards for UK medicines. System Simulation are responsible for electronic versions of the BP and have been working with The Stationary Office on the project for at least 10 years.

It's updated yearly in print form and is available in, at present, five different electronic forms - CD-Rom, network installable CD, Intranet CD, online website and e-book. The online version is at

It's a legislatively mandated publication, and contains essential information for anyone concerned with the quality of medicines; these might include including pharmaceutical and chemical industries, quality control personnel, analysts, government regulators, academics and students of pharmacy.

SSL have worked closely with the clients to develop more efficient ways to update the database and to allow the free flow of information using standards that are reliable and effective.

Current developments here have involved the building of a simple online client which allows TSO staff to add to the database remotely, whether xml files, text or graphics. It's effectively a web service, speeds up the production cycle of the publication, and doesn't involve extra production costs for the client.

The electronic versions enable fast direct searching for information and provide immediate links to relevant data. The Website also offers additional materials such as a Daily News and links to relevant Websites.

The Stationery Office (formerly, Her Majesty's Stationery Office)