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Radio Telefis Éireann - Image Library
RTÉ have been using our ImageIndex+ software for some years to manage their stills library.

More recently, they decided to exploit the resource commercially. We were approached to put together a system that would manage internal library procedures, allow free public access and provide an external e-commerce site.
RARI - Rock Art Institute, University of Witwatersrand, SA
An immense database of information on popular music covering the period 1955 to 1996, for professionals in the music industry.
Routes (Resources for OU Teachers and Students) - Open University
Royal Academy Collections
SSL's work with the Royal Academy resulted in a fully integrated website pulling in information from many sources within the institution: the collection management system; the library system; the book system; the archive database and also records carrying information about individual Royal Academicians.
SCRAN - Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network
Commissioned in May 1997 we worked closely with the SCRAN project team to design and build the foundation infrastructure of this award winning project - a repository management system of resources relevant to Scottish history and culture. The system is capable of sustaining the growth of the project throughout its life.
Sense of Place South East (SoPSE consortium)
This portal offers a number of web microsites covering collections and locations in the South East region, including 'Greenham - a common inheritance', 'Hantsphere', 'Slough History online', 'The Huntley and Palmers Collection' and 'Thames Pilot'. We supplied a Content Mangement System to drive the microsites and enable consortium members to create and manage their own content.
ShowMe is a safe, non-commercial site for kids produced by the 24 Hour Museum offering a collection of online games and interactive content from the UK's museums and galleries. We provide and maintain the infrastructure which consists of a content management system that powers the dynamic website.
Sir John Soane's Museum
Sir John Soane's Museum uses the full suite of CollectionsIndex+ modules - Archive, Books, Object, and Asset - to manage their diverse collection of art, antiquities, architectural drawings, and image assets. Selected records are published to a bespoke Collection Online website, built by System Simulation and styled to match the design of the Museum's existing public site.
The British Museum - Merlin Collections Management
In 2002 the British Museum went live with Merlin, the biggest collections management system in the world to date. Based on MuseumIndex+ we implemented and configured Merlin to the museum's specification, including a Unicode facility to catalogue and search using historical and non-European scripts. Merlin will support the museum's requirements well into the future. Merlin enables the museum to make its collectons accessible for secure scholarly and public access.
The British Red Cross Society
SSL have provided an ImageIndex+ library system that is administered centrally from the Red Cross headquarters in London. The system manages Red Cross marketing images internally, and distributes images across all their branches in the UK.
The British Red Cross Society
The Courtauld Institute - Art and Architecture website
We developed the fully integrated software infrastructure and delivery platform for the Courtauld Institute's Art and Architecture website. The website is both an entertaining and comprehensive resource including more than 40,000 images, themes and stories aimed at a wide audience with additional sophisticated facilities for researchers and teaching.
The Fusilier Museum London
The Fusilier Museum London needed a new collections management system to manage their rich collections, and we provided them with MuseumIndex+. Our CollectionsOnline also provides access to the collections for researchers, members of the public, staff, and volunteers.
The Gilbert Collection - collections management
The Gilbert Collection at Somerset House is using our MUSIMS collections management software to manage its spectacular collections of decorative and applied arts. Browsing terminals currently allow researchers to access the collection via the intranet and a public access interface is planned.
The River and Rowing Museum Henley
The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset
The Wellcome Trust - Wellcome Images
Broadening access to 150,000 images held by the Medical Photographic Library (MPL) was a core aim for the Wellcome Library. Our solution provided an integrated system based on ImageIndex+ for cataloguing and digitising the entire collection, providing picture library management with image delivery and transaction management over the internet.
System Simulation has provided the Index+ image base and database to TICTAC Communications at the Toxicology Unit of St George's Hospital Medical School. TICTAC contains detailed information on over 16,000 tablets and capsules or related products with over 40,000 high quality images of those products.