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We have undertaken many projects in this sector for a series of prestigious clients and we think the following are most representative of the work we do.
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Broadening access to the 150,000 strong collection of images held by the Medical Photographic Library (MPL) is a core aim of the Wellcome Library. Our solution provides a complete, integrated system based on ImageIndex+ for cataloguing and digitising the entire collection, providing picture library management with image delivery and transaction management over the internet.
Getty Images online provides instant access to hundreds of thousands of pictures from its international portfolio of image libraries. Getty Images uses our Index+ Web Gateway and Metadata Management to provide enhanced searching capability to Getty Online - a primary source of images for the media industry globally.
System Simulation developed an Index+ Image Library system for Radio Telefis Éireann (RTÉ) to support the management of RTÉ's large stills collection derived from programmes and production and also a series of historical images cared for by the corporation.
Our 'Digital Scoping Study' advised the BFI on the best ways to use digital technologies to extend access to its existing archives and to assist in the collection and curation of new assets. Following the study, we developed and supplied the BFI's 'Stills Image Management System'.
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The Parliamentary Image Library was launched in December 2007. We worked with TSO and the Parliamentary Archives to create an image library powered by ImageIndex+.
A commercial picture library system for Chilli Media Ltd powered by ImageIndex+.