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System Simulation have a long history of providing image management systems. The London Transport Museum were our very first clients for these products in the 1980's and we are very pleased to still have them as clients today.

We have always placed a strong emphasis on the ability of our products to work together. ImageIndex+ can operate alongside a growing, interlinked suite of products that are increasingly being commissioned by our clients as a package - recent work with the Royal Academy and the V&A are excellent examples of integrated image, asset and archive systems.

ImageIndex+ is professional, high-capacity, image management. It provides multiple-access, powerful cataloguing and terminology management, structured search, tools to support efficient work processes and flexible access/delivery.
shows an image with text written across it - asset index plus
AssetIndex+ is a powerful and efficient system for the management of a wide range of digital assets (images, video, audio, text and drawings, PowerPoint presentations etc). With many practical and innovative features, it has benefited from System Simulation's extensive experience in the management of complex data.
Terminology and thesaurus management promote accuracy in cataloguing and efficiency in searching, particularly over large data sets. They are important tools in the professional management of data and in delivering top-class systems and services. Multi-lingual thesauri allow data to be opened up to whole new audiences.

System Simulation provides terminology systems and also analysis and advice on improving existing systems.