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ImageIndex+ Technical Information
ImageIndex+ is a complete image management system which includes an interactive web site as part of the standard package. The ImageIndex+ web site can be used "out of the box" for local or remote user access, and can also be customised to match your organisation's brand look.

In addition, ImageIndex+ includes an image server called cgiiximage. This is a component which mediates access to images held in ImageIndex+ by exposing the ImageIndex+ delivery mechanism as a simple web service. The image server runs by taking requests encoded in URLs? and delivering images over HTTP. All the delivery rules set-up inside the ImageIndex+ system are available for machine-to-machine access from the image server, subject to the authorisation rules which have been configured.

There are also various optional machine-to-machine Web Services available with ImageIndex+:
  • SOAPIX, a flexible and extendable SOAP server for ImageIndex+. SOAPIX supports a standard access method for ImageIndex+ data, and can also be extended to support any WSDL.
  • The ImageIndex+ RSS server can be configured to deliver any number of news feeds using RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0, to provide easy access to your collection. The ImageIndex+ RSS server is compatible with the RSS support found in modern web browsers, as well as programmatic RSS client interfaces.
  • The Protocol for Metadata Harvesting, OAI-PMH, a widely used standard for harvesting, replicating, and ad-hoc access to data repositories. The ImageIndex+ OAI server supports multiple. Sets and many other features of this simple robust XML-over-HTTP standard.
  • The ImageIndex+ web site can be configured to support Google Sitemaps, automatically-generated XML descriptions of all indexable pages on the site.
  • In addition, the Index+/Web Gateway can be used to develop new web services. The Gateway is a templating engine which allows the contents of an ImageIndex+ database to be served to the web using any format, including HTML and XML.
Outside of the web, there are many ways to access data in an ImageIndex+ repository, including the export options in the main administration client system which includes XML and spreadsheet (tab- and comma-separated) formats. There are a number of command-line export options, including an XML data extract tool and a native Index+ extract tool. Finally, Index+ has a comprehensive API which can be accessed from a variety of programming languages: this provides complete access to all data and facilities of ImageIndex+.
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