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Everton Collection
The Everton Collection is a vast collection of memorabilia related to Everton Football Club. See the adjacent Wikipedia link for more information about the collection itself.

One of the key features of this project is that the collection data is held in an Axiell CALM database. We exported that CALM data into one of our ISAD(G) compliant ArchiveIndex+ databases and then designed and built the website on top of that.

Another exiciting achievement of this project is the digitisation of the text from a whole series of Everton Football Club minute books.

This site features many of our key ContentIndex+ features:
  • powerful search facility (try searching for "tractor boys")
  • faceted search browsing of search results (run a search and play with the "Narrow your search" gizmos)
  • browsing of data via collections (see the "Collection" area)
  • authoring of themes to draw users into the collection (see the "Themes" area)
  • authoring of narratives to provide ways of creating complex content that brings the collection data to life (see the "Exhibitions" area)