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Europeana Inside
Europeana Inside is a best practice project led by Collections Trust involving a collaboration between more than 30 collection management system developers, content aggregators and cultural heritage institutions throughout Europe. The project aims to make it easier for cultural heritage institutions to engage with Europeana, to contribute content from their collection catalogues and to manage that contribution subsequently.

The project is developing the Europeana Connection Kit (ECK), a set of tools including software, procedural guidelines, tutorials and documentation. The ECK will enable the easy submission of data to Europeana, guiding content providers through the process of providing metadata to Europeana and other targets. The project will also research the possible re-ingestion of enriched metadata from Europeana into the catalogues of the contributing cultural institutions.

System Simulation is a technology partner in Europeana Inside and is developing a version of the ECK integrated with our leading collection management product, MuseumIndex+. The project kicked-off in 2012 and we plan to be supplying the ECK for MuseumIndex+ in 2015. If you are interested in participating in the project as a content provider at an earlier data, please contact us at the usual addresses.
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