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COVID-19 coronavirus: information for our customers
Last update: 04/12/2023

Although our offices have been COVID secured, most members of staff are still working from home for the majority of the working week.

Remote working was already commonplace at System Simulation and no problems with staff connecting to our core servers, or administrating them, have been experienced.

Likewise, there are no problems with communication between staff members from their remote locations.

There are two main, independent, channels of communication with us.

Issues with live systems should be reported via MANTIS, our Issue Tracking System.

Any communication regarding ongoing development should be via either MANTIS or the project specific email address already given to customers rather than directly to specific developers.

This ensures that your message will reach all staff involved with the delivery and support of your system.

If you are a customer and have neither the email address for your project nor a MANTIS account then please contact us as soon as possible on the phone number visible at the bottom of this page.

We are aware that in some institutions our points of contact may be getting placed into alternative roles where they can help with their organisation's response to COVID-19, or in some instances may be furloughed.

We appreciate that the teams and members of staff with which we have the most contact and who are responsible for maintaining their CollectionsIndex+ systems may have been given very short notice of these changes.

Wherever possible you, the team members you have handed over to, or a member of your leadership team should contact us to let us know of these changes so that we are able to maximise support of users during this period.

If additional training is required due to team changes related to COVID-19 then please get in touch as we are happy to provide remote training and support sessions. If there is anything else we can do to help users during this period then please contact us.

We are seeing no problems with contacting us via the normal office number, +44 (0)20 7836 7406, but the methods outlined above are optimal.

All meetings will now be remote using a variety of technologies, we're happy to adapt to your preferences.

If you have confirmed your own policies regarding disruption around coronavirus then please forward your points of contact to us using one of the methods outlined above.

Regular back up systems will be unaffected.

Currently our policies are set for weekly review every Monday. Please monitor this page for updates.

Training during furlough

Where the conditions of your furlough allow, you might like to catch up on training using our series of How To Videos, or join our User Group to receive notice of our webinars and surgeries.