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CollectionsIndex+ is a modular software system for collections and content management, handling your objects, archives, books, images, video, digital assets, and web and gallery content.

System Simulation provide a whole range of collections management products covering books, archives and museum objects: BooksIndex+, ArchiveIndex+ and MuseumIndex+.

We also provide enterprise strength products for digital image and digital asset management: ImageIndex+ and AssetIndex+.

On top of all this we have a product for managing website content: ContentIndex+.

Although all of these products are often deployed individually, they are also fully compatible and can be deployed as a powerful suite of integrated modules which complement each other. This suite of modules is CollectionsIndex+.

CollectionsIndex+ means that you can have your digital assets stored in ImageIndex+ or AssetIndex+. These images can then be used seamlessly in MuseumIndex+ or on your website via ContentIndex+. And all the collection information stored in the collections management products can flow onto a website which can have articles, themes and narratives easily authored to bring out the flavour, depth and relationships of your collection.

So far, CollectionsIndex+ has been deployed at Eton College and the V&A.
Technical information
Features include user generated content management, StoryTeller, SiteManager, and powerful and easy-to-use integrated procedures and workflow. Supports OAI, XML, SPECTRUM, LIDO and other standards.